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  • App name
  • KIMA PASS – Let's Play, Ocean
  • Initial registration
  • Early August, 2015
  • Download
  • About 19,300 participants (sept. 30, 2019 basis)
  • Description
  • ▶ Main Page: Event banner and app menu selection icon
    ▶ Yacht Reservations: Yacht & boat products & package products introduction and reservations
    ▶ Reservation Confirmation: Confirmation of yacht & boat product reservations
    ▶ Sea Story: News and webtoons related to marine leisure activities
    ▶ Exhibition/ Event: Introduction of events to be held during KIMA WEEK including marine leisure experience festivals/     news on marine leisure sports/ introduction of partner companies and organizations
    ▶ Educational Information: Information on marine leisure educational programs provided by related institutions and     academies and participation to the programs
    ▶ Open Market: Open market for used yachts
  • How to install

  • search and download "KIMA PASS" or "Let's Play, Ocean" from the Google Play Store and apple store

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