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| Event Summary

  • Subject
  • New Opportunities for the Marine Leisure Industry and the Global Marine Tourism City
  • Date
  • Sap.17(Thu.), 2015 | 15:00 ~ 17:30
  • Place
  • Haeundae BEXCO Exhibition Venue 1F Hall 3B
  • Host
  • Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Busan City
  • Supervisors
  • Korea Marine Leisure Network
  • Participating members
  • 300 + guests (international speakers, central and local personnel, relevant staff, etc)
  • Event informatio
  • Players and CEOs in the global marine leisure industry will be invited to the international conference to establish
    network fundamentals for the global marine leisure industry.
  • Broadcasting coverage
  • Recorded broadcast by Busan MBC TV(60 minutes)
  • Purpose
  • Contribution to the establishment of industrial demand and supply market structure and the improvement of Korea's
    brand value as a strong nation in marine leisure by continuously holding international conferences to spring forward
    as a center of business and research with updated exchange for the marine leisure industry.
  • Speakers
  • ▶ Keynote speakers: Sohn, Jae Hak, Director, Korea National Maritime Museum(former Vice Minister of Maritime
        Affairs and Fisheries)
    ▶ Colin Bransgrove, Director, Australian Sydney Marina Association (MIA)
    ▶ Ernest Ribas Tugores, Representative, Valencian Chamber of Commerce, Spain in Korea and CKIPM Planning
        Executive and Director
    ▶ Peter Schrappen, Vice President, Government Cooperation, Northwest Marine Trading Association, U.S. and Director,
        Super Yacht Association
    ▶ Shaonian Lee, Vice Chair, Commercial Affair Committee and Waterfront Development Committee, Baosan District
        (Special Cruise Industry District), Shanghai, China
    ▶ Kwon, Sun Wuk, General Manager, Department of Marine Leisure, Korean Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

| Speaker introductions

| Event Introductions

Time Main contents Place
15:00-15:05 5' Keynote and other speaker introductions Hall 3B in BEXCO
Exhibition Venue 1
15:10-15:25 15' [Agenda presentation 1] Australia, Sydney
Subject : Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia, New Marine Leisure Tourism Converted
from Old Commercial Port
15:30~15:45 15' [Agenda presentation 2] Spain, Valencia
Subject : Successful examples of marine tourism cities and marine festivals
15:50-16:05 15' [Agenda presentation 3] U.S.A., Seattle
Subject : The continuously growing U.S. boat industry and market outlook
16:05-16:25 15' Coffee break
16:25-16:40 15' [Agenda presentation 4] China, Shanhai
Subject : Current Development and Promotion Direction of Marina
and Special Cruise Industry District of Shanghai, China
16:45-17:00 15' [Agenda presentation 5] Korea
Subject : Present and Future of Korea Marina Industry
17:00-17:30 30' Discussion and Q & A
17:30- Official Dinner * Connected to Busan International Boat Show The Bay 101

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