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| KIMA Awards

  • Name
  • KIMA Awards 2023 - 9th Korea Marine leisure industry Grand prize
  • Purpose
  • ▶ Excellent case development and distribution by awarding companies and individuals making extensive contributions
        to the development of the marine leisure industry.
    ▶ Fundamental Expansion and Public Awareness Improvement on the Marine Expansion of fundamentals and
        improvement of public awareness about marine leisure.

"KIMA Awards", with its third anniversary this year, is an event which recognizes services made by people who have been working for 5 years or longer in the marine leisure sector and who have made significant contributions to the cultural and industrial development of Korea's marine leisure. The KIMA Awards are expected to become a basis for reinforcement and development of international cultural competitiveness and for the future operation of Korea's maritime leisure.

| Events Information

Ⅰ. Award categories: 2 Categories

Categories Revitalization of Marine Leisure Development of the Marina Industry
Information Creating a Marine Leisure Culture, Talent training, Tourism product development Product development, R&D, export performance, Published papers
Award Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister's Citation

Ⅱ. Submission and schedule guide

Schedule Period Details
Open recruitment Jun~Aug, 2023
Document screening Aug. 7
Final screening Aug. 8
Announce the winners Aug. 9 (Awards Ceremony Aug. 18) a plaque, award, prize delivery

Ⅲ. Evaluation criteria

Division Evaluation items Scoring Evaluations in each category
Total 100
Standard evaluation
Operational achievement 50 ▶Revitalization of Marine Leisure : Development of Marine Tourism Products and Revitalization, Performance of national and local organization projects, Talent training
▶Development of the Marina Industry : Product development, R&D, export performance, International Cooperation and Interchange, Overseas PR and Marketing, related awards, Published papers
Objective evaluation
Degree of contribution 50 Description of contribution to the development of Korea's marine leisure industry

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