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| Event Summary

  • Subject
  • Examples of global marine leisure business success based on a creative economy
  • Date
  • Oct.2(Wed.), 2013 | 13:30 ~ 17:30
  • Place
  • BEXCO Convention Hall 3rd Floor Grand Ballroom
  • Host
  • Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Busan City
  • Supervisors
  • Korea Marine Leisure Network
  • Participating members
  • About 200 people(overseas speakers, central personnel, regional personnel, visitors, etc)
  • Broadcasting coverag
  • Busan MBC TV 60-minute recorded broadcast

At the KIMA WEEK 2013 international conference, 800 people from fields in the domestic and international marine leisure industry, particularly relating to yachts, gathered, hoping and communicating for the future of the marine leisure industry, which is receiving attention as a new growth engine for Korea.
Barry Neville Jenkins, the chairman of Superyacht Australia (SYA) and a global authority on marinas and yachts, sought to find out how Korea’s marine leisure industry could pioneer a new creative world and what efforts would be needed to become a new major player in the global marine leisure industry.

| Speaker introductions

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